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Family Photos Carlsbad

As a photographer who typically captures the excitement of bikes and off-road cars, I find a refreshing joy in shifting to the peaceful setting of family photos on Carlsbad’s beaches. Surrounded by the gentle waves and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, preserving the heartfelt moments shared by families against the backdrop of the sun-drenched […]

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Me and my 50 Encinitas night

There is an art to navigation in an environment such as San Diego. Not so much as it is difficult setting to find your way. But moments of peace are precious.. I’ve had the key, if only I could find the lock. focus 50mm f1.8 NIKKOR My favorite photos Not my favorite .. if you […]

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Street Photography Encinitas

Interesting times we are currently living. To all those being negatively affected I am truly sorry. Today walking through wet empty streets, it was like a movie set of the city where I’ve spent my life.. Encinitas is to me I learned how to surf at moonlight beach. I had a 1970’s 5’9″ Sunset surfboard. […]