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zek lau surfing lower trestles, photo captured by Rob Wessels San Diego based photographer.

Rob Wessels Photography

adaptive and versatile.

Ezekiel Lau Lower Trestles. Rob Wessels Photography

Hi I’m Rob, an adaptive and versatile photographer based in the dynamic city of San Diego. With extensive professional experience in the industry, My passion lies in capturing captivating visual stories.

I possess a diverse skill set and a wealth of expertise across various styles and genres of photography. From awe-inspiring cinematic shots to compelling documentary-style storytelling, with acute attention to detail and remarkable ability to bring ideas to life through Images. I excel in adapting to different environments, ensuring that each client’s specific needs and vision are met.

Clients consistently appreciate my professionalism, meticulousness, and unwavering commitment to excellence. I take the time to understand clients’ goals, working closely with them throughout the production process to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Commercial Photography

donavon frankenreiter playing with his original band at the Belly Up in Solana Beach California. Photo captured by Rob Wessels a San Diego based photographer.
Man tig welding a Can Am front suspension A-arm. Photo by Rob Wessels a San Diego photographer.
Canyon bicycles Neron On E-mountain bike, green and dark green coloring. Product photo by Rob Wessels San DIego photographer.
Ford spec Trophy Truck racing the Battle at Primm in Primm Nevada. Photo by Rob Wessels, San Diego photographer

Surf Photography (water)

Water angle surf photography from Lower Trestle day one of the waiting period for the WSL final
Encinitas surf art, an abstract image of a surfer surfing at Beacons Beach in Encinitas. The photo is focused on ripples of water in the foreground and a silhouette of a surfer paddling for a wave in the background.

Portrait Photography

Chest height portrait photo of a man with his hand under his chin. Photo by Rob Wessels portrait photography.
portrait of an arborist man with an axe over his right shoulder. Photo by Rob Wessels a San Diego based photographer.

Event Photography

Man doing a wheelie on a gravel bike with racing in a gravel race in san diego east of lake hodges.
gas gas factory racing at Fox Raceway in Pala California during the pro motocross outdoor series

Surf Photography

Surfer performing a cheater 5 on a longboard surf board at Swamis beach in Encinitas California. Photo by Rob Wessels.
Silhouetted photo of a surfer surfing golden waves in a San Diego sunset. Photo by Rob wessels

Music Photography

donavon frankenreiter playing with his original band at the Belly Up in Solana Beach California. Photo captured by Rob Wessels a San Diego based photographer.
Live music at local roots in Vista, photo of a drummer with light effects coming from the cymbals.

Fitness Photography

Man performing a back squat with a physical therapist making sure his form is good. Rob wessels fitness photography
Man taking a brief pause during a workout, Rob Wessels  Fitness Photography

Couples Photography

Couple on a sunset walk at the Batiquitos Lagoon in Carlsbad California. Photo by Rob Wessels
encinitas portrait photography

Sports Photography

Climbing Pico De Orizaba man standing on the  summit ridge with the 18,500ft summit in the background. Rob Wessels Outdoors photography

Cycling Photography

3 professional female gravel cyclist competing in a gravel cycling race in San Diego by Lake Hodges. Photo by Rob Wessels cycling photography
Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City

Mountain Bike Photography

mountain bike photography

Off Road Racing Photography

Backlit offroad race car racing the Battle at Primm in Primm nevada. Photo by Rob Wessels off-road photography.
2 Can Am race cars crawling over rocks competing at The King of The Hammer off-road race. Photo by Rob Wessels

Nature Photography

Brian Head Peak looking South West into a beautiful sunset with yellow and green trees. Photo by Rob Wessels nature photography.
surf photography

Street Photography

Commercial photography
Commercial photography


Abstract photography
ponto sunset

Photos of Mom

Portrait Photography

Photos of Jenna


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