Videography Services

Visually tell your story

Whether to capture a moment, show what’s going on behind the scenes or to connect with your audience. Video is a valuable tool to marketing for athletes, brands and businesses alike. 

This video is some clips from a project I am working on. No color grading or any other edit. Shot in 10 bit in camera Nikon Z6. Hand held due to the nature of the project. Also, I had to export this in 720 to meet the upload file size on my website. As well to also keep page load times down.


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This is a video I put together from a Downhill mountain bike race at Snow Valley. The video was shot on my Z6 with no color grading.
Quick Edit from some backyard trails in San Diego. Shot on my Z6, with no color grading. Unfortunately filming was cut short due to one of the riders crashing.
This wasn’t a planned video, just having fun. Audio was recorded on my iPhone on the drive down to the ride. Hand held and recorded on my D850.
John Simek at the OB skate park. Shot on my Z6 at 30fps in efforts in getting a softer image in motion. Minor color grading.
YouTube utilitarian videos, just trying to have a little fun in the process.
Fluid Focus San Marcos.
Afton MTB shoes.
Just for fun.