Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City

Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City 2023

2023 marks the 4th time for BWR to conquer the South West of Utah. Cedar City, also known as the festival city, has been renowned over the years for its Shakespeare festivals. However, for one week each of the past four years, spandex-clad cyclists from across the world have gathered to celebrate the poetry of tires rolling over tarmac and terra firma.

This year’s course stats:

WAFFLE – 2022 course details are subject to change for 2023. 132 miles/213 kilometers. 6,847 feet of climbing. 9 road sectors (the rest is off-road). 85% off-road (long, sandy, wet or dry, rocky, hilly, ugly). Numerous cattle crossings, water crossings, and foot bridges. 3 Queen/King of the Mountain segments. 3 Queen/King of the Dirt segments. 3 Queen/King of the Sprint segments. 7 Feed Zones.

WAFER – 79 miles/128 kilometers. 3,647 feet of climbing. 3 Feed Zones. The event also boasts some new single track around a new bike park in the Cedar City area.


With comfortable overnight temperatures increasing into the mid to upper 80s throughout the day and relatively humid conditions for the area, staying hydrated and avoiding cramping was on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, some participants fell victim to these conditions.


Cedar City, Utah, sits at 5,846 feet above sea level, with 11,500ft Brian Head Peak a mere 30 minutes away.

What is the Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR)?

BWR was born in San Diego some 20 years ago as a way for riders to challenge themselves on some of the toughest mixed surfaces available for riding. The objective was not to be comfortable but to endure, overcome, and enjoy beer with friends. As the sport evolved, BWR attracted a myriad of professional cyclists to compete in races across North America, allowing participants the unique opportunity to line up alongside some of their cycling idols. Beyond that, BWR provides the opportunity for individuals to bond in collective concerted efforts to overcome the course and conditions, individually exploring their motivation, commitment, and desire. It’s truly a unique experience, and did we mention there’s really good beer at the end?