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BWR California 2024

2024 BWR California Always a good time chasing a bike race getting photos and videos. Race day photos Expo photos

Outdoors Photography

BWR Cedar City 2024

2024 BWR Cedar City Had a great time shooting for Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) yesterday in Cedar City Utah. I don’t think it got over mid 30’s (f) during the race. Myself and another talented videographer were shooting from the top of a new bronco. Needless to say it was cold as f*ck! But the […]

Photography San Diego

Cadence Skyline Team Camp Encinitas

Training Day Cadence Skyline Professional Cyclinging Team I followed around the team to get a few photos and videos to use of social media over the next few weeks/ months. Unfortunately the was a route change to their ride the night before we were schedule to shoot which did 2 things: These are just minor […]


Lightroom HDR editing and exporting

What is HDR? HDR means “High Dynamic Range” Dynamic range is essentially the difference between the brightest and darkest values in a frame or both photos and video. So having a high dynamic range is an increase in the availability of both bright and dark portions of an image, that’s more detail in shadows as […]