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Beacons Beach Encinitas

I’ve lived my entire life in San Diego, more specifically, North County. With this, I have developed a strong connection to the ocean. Whether it’s surfing, spearfishing, or diving, when the water is warm, there is no place I’d rather be. I am particularly fond of the beach from “Table Tops” in Solana Beach to South Carlsbad Campgrounds. Beacons lie just about in the middle of all of that, and to those who know, there was nothing better than a surf and a burrito at Mozys…

Encinitas surf art, an abstract image of a surfer surfing at Beacons Beach in Encinitas. The photo is focused on ripples of water in the foreground and a silhouette of a surfer paddling for a wave in the background.
Surfer riding a wave with another surf silhouetted in the background at Beacons beach in Encinitas. Its a water angle shoot of the surfer shot with my Nikon D850 and Aquatech waterproof housing.

Camera Setup

I recently purchased an Aquatech Waterproof housing for my Nikon D850. The Nikon D850 is a camera that I still love and use in my workflow, but not nearly as much as in the past, as I have moved most of my work to the Nikon Z system. This is mainly due to the amount of video I shoot. When the D850 originally came out, the video specs were quite impressive; however, the modern mirrorless capabilities have moved far beyond, and I now see the D850 as more of a stills camera. Having said that, you can still shoot some really sharp 4K UHD with the D850. Besides that point, I am just really happy to have repurposed this camera and have an opportunity to reconnect with some old primes and develop a new skill set.

photo of streaking water as a surfer paddles into a wave at Beacons Beach. shot from a in water perspective using my Nikon camera and Aquatech waterproof housing.
moody photo of seaweed floating in the water.
walking up the path from the beach at Beacons beach in Encinitas, looking north on a nice summer afternoon.