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Swami’s Beach

Surf Definitely wasn’t “pumping” surf by any means. But the weather has been nice and there is a little bit of south west swell energy in the water. A week’s worth of wind swell has dropped ocean temperatures in San Diego. The lifeguard sign is claiming 70 degrees but I would put money on it […]

Outdoors San Diego

Street Photography Encinitas

Interesting times we are currently living. To all those being negatively affected I am truly sorry. Today walking through wet empty streets, it was like a movie set of the city where I’ve spent my life.. Encinitas is to me I learned how to surf at moonlight beach. I had a 1970’s 5’9″ Sunset surfboard. […]

San Diego

Social Distancing Encinitas

Social distancing, quarantine, Coronavirus, COVID-19 Four things new to our vocabulary and four things that have become part of our lives as of late. With initial news stories of people fighting over toilet paper, reacting to fear of the unknown. When I looked around our communities in North County I didn’t see this hustility. I […]