BWR Cedar City

Kathy Pruitt

Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City

So what is a Belgian Waffle Ride any way? click the video below and Kathy Pruitt will shine a little light unto what a BWR is all about.

Belgian Waffle Ride or (BWR) is a Gravel bike race. A gravel bike is similar to a road bike in the sense of how it looks. But frame geometry has changed as well as the ability to use a larger tire than your conventional road bike. All of this is done to be able to endure long dusty roads with rocks and bumps. 

Below is first person GoPro footage I recorded. Riding behind Kathy on the course’s first downhill section. 

Why Cedar City Utah?

Before this event I had never heard of Cedar City Utah. Even though I have driven through it a few times on the way to Park City and Montana. Upon getting here it makes sense why BWR is making a stop here. Cedar City seems to be an emerging outdoor activity oriented town. With billboards of mountain bikers riding at a nearby Brian Head Resort. As well as a community beginning to put up signage for gravel rides in the area. This would be like marking a hiking trail. This was my first time hearing about a city doing that for gravel specific riding.

BWR Cedar City

They are referring to this race as the “hell of the south”. with a 125 mile race course that has 6,000 ft of climbing. Comprising of almost all dirt. At 6,000 ft above sea level. With a sandy and most challenging climb at mile 100. That leads you into a 20 min technical rocky section ending 5 miles before the finish. This course has everything it needs to live up to that name.

BWR cedar city
Kathy Pruitt BWR Cedar city

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