Canyon Bikes Santa Barbara

Canyon Grail

Canyon Bikes USA in Santa Barbara

Early last year Kathy and I were in Santa Barbara taking photos for her bike sponsor Canyon USA. The first group of photos are some pictures I grabbed in our hotel room. There was some nice light coming through a window. That created some warm tones as well as some interesting shadows.

Giro sport design
Giro Gravel shoes and bike helmet.
Giro sport design
Giro Sport Design Gravel shoe.
Canyon Bikes Santa Barbara
Canyon Bikes USA.

Santa Barbara Coast

We started at the coast getting photos on a gloomy morning. After that we made our way to the Arroyo Burro Trail. From that point I threw my camera in a backpack and rode Kathy’s Canyon Spectral up the trail. Trying to follow two elite gravel racers up this climb on a trail bike was difficult. My secret was; any time I need a break I would just say. “This looks like a good spot for some photos”.

giro sport design
Kathy Pruitt
Canyon Grail Arroyo Burro trail Santa Barbara
Canyon Bikes Santa Barbara

Riding in Santa Barbara

Having only spent limited time riding in Santa Barbara there is still so much more to explore. I definitely got the picture that the majority of riding would be either up or down as there doesn’t seem to be much flat area around. The positives about this are. It’s just a matter of time, on any ride you choose before you are met with an awesome view! 

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