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Fox Raceway Pro National

Fox Raceway Pro National

Sep. 4th 2021 at Fox Raceway in Pala California

Fox Raceway Pro National

September was the second time to the Fox Raceway for the Pro Motocross schedule in 2021. With the outdoor season being held through the summer months, I would image most racers prepare for hot conditions. This race didn’t let them down in that regard. Hot dry and dust conditions were had for the penultimate race of the 2021 season.

ken roczen

The Track

Being the second time to Fox Raceway this season they decided to run the track backwards. However, the middle section of the track I remember riding in 2010 in the direction they were racing and it wasn’t backwards then. Does that mean I am getting old? (shit).. 

gas gas factory racing

The Racing

On this day one outdoor champion was crowned in the 450 class. Dylan Ferrandis secured enough points for the championship overall. In the 250 class Jett Lawrence is sitting on a comfortable 23-point lead over Justin cooper in second. Just behind Justin is Hunter Lawrence, Jett’s brother in 3rd.

jett lawrence

Dylan Ferrandis’s pass for the lead in moto 1

Ken Roczen had a great start but faded throughout the moto. Seemingly the heat claiming a victim.

dylan ferrandis

Local favorite Christian Craig

christian craig
fox raceway

Fox Raceway

Always a good time at the motocross track. Even when it’s hot (AF) and there are not trees around. The Fox Raceway Pro National is quite the experience. With the smell of leaded race gas in the air and the world’s best riders doing what they do best. Being able to be so close to the action make for a memorable day.

ken roczen

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