Snow Valley Bike Park Downhill Race

Downhill Racing at the Snow Valley Bike Park

The Snow Valley Bike Park is located just minutes from Big Bear Lake. In Running Springs, California.

DH racing at Snow Valley

I was just up at Snow Valley this past weekend, for some downhill racing. I am not all that used to being on the side lines for off-road races. Usually if I am around some type of off-road race, I am competing in it. Nonetheless, on this day I was up with the help of INTENSE bicycles providing some race support for a young racer. 

Snow Valley DH race video

Above is a video I put together from the downhill race this past weekend. This was Elijah’s first downhill race. I met Elijah a few months ago at the Sweetwater bike park. Elijah is an amputee, losing his lower leg in 2017. At the time of this blog, he is 22 years old. 

When I first met him, he was riding a “clapped out” Walmart bike. Not just riding it but trying to jump it etc. Quickly I realized that what he was currently riding wasn’t going to cut it.. So.. 

I put together a fundraising effort among my friends and family. Rasing $6,600 in one day we were able to get Elijah a brand-new INTENSE Tracer. As well as donate $3,000 to the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

At the time of this video, he had the bike for only 3 months or so and this was his first ever mountain bike race. 

Hands down the best part of fundraising and getting him a bike has been not only seeing joy and purpose being brought you a young person. But the continual support that the MTB community continues to pour out.

A few more photos from last weekend’s race.

Ray Ray racing DH

Another totally badass thing up at Snow Valley over the weekend is Scott’s daughter “Ray Ray”. She is and 11-year-old mountain biker. I’ve known Railey for a few years now and ride with her dad. Not only an outstanding kid but a total shredder as well! 

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