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Social Distancing Encinitas

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Four things new to our vocabulary and four things that have become part of our lives as of late. With initial news stories of people fighting over toilet paper, reacting to fear of the unknown. When I looked around our communities in North County I didn’t see this hustility. I also don’t see large crowds of people gathering at the beaches or other public places. To me it seems like everyone is doing their part or at least making an effort during this truly unfortunate situation. 

rob machado surfing encintas
Rob machado social distancing encinitas, surfing Cardiff Reef – Rob Wessels photography

Covid Encinitas and Social Distancing

The CDC (center for disease control) says one of the best ways to prevent illness is to prevent being exposed to the virus. There is currently no vaccine for COVID-19. If exposed to coronavirus you are highly likely to fall ill from the virus. While the severity of the illness can vary due to several factors (pre existing health issues, blood type, etc). It being the worst flu of your life or causing death is reason enough to be proactive in prevention.

Here is a link to the CDC website with more helpful information to keep yourself safe.

Good On Ya Encinitas
GOODONYA Encinitas open for take out during Covid Encinitas – Rob Wessels photography

Local Businesses

In addition to personal guidelines to keep you safe. State government has issued new guidelines for businesses to operate. Bars are closed and for restaurants they are limited to take out only. GOODONYA Organic Eatery in Encinitas has done a fantastic job streamlining this process. Just phone in the order (858-2648550) and go to the touchless pick up window.

Good On Ya Encinitas

I was meant at the pick up window by a friendly smile belonging to Emily Lingvall. We had a brief but great chat. One thing she said to me really stood out. “social distancing is an oxymoron. It should be social connection with physical distancing.”

It made me think social distancing doesn’t have to be isolation. It just means you’ll have to be more creative with interaction.

Iron Smith Coffee
Ironsmith Coffee Encinitas – Rob Wessels photography

Creativity in uncertainty

Another local business rising to the challenge of being creative in the face of uncertainty is Ironsmith Coffee Roasters in Encinitas. While keeping his business open for take-away orders owner; Matt Delarosa has been keeping the Ironsmith van rolling delivering coffee to those in need of tasty coffee while working from home. I follow their instagram, that van is all over the place! In talking with him he spoke to the fact that. “All businesses are feeling the impact of this” and that “Ironsmith is committed to staying open as long as they can”. He also mentioned that he has a baby due next week (congratulations!). And for him, “this has to work out”. 

Birdseye Kitchen
Birdseye Kitchen social distancing Encinitas – Rob Wessels photography

Birdseye Kitchen

Seeing Birdseye empty after 6pm any day of the week is eerily awkward. Dia Morris and her husband own and operate both Birdseye Kitchen and Haggos Organic Tacos just a little to the north. I want to say that they have been open for 7 maybe 8 years? For the entirety of that time I have seen this husband and wife team working tirelessly. Offering some of the most delicious and healthy food from Lao, Vietnam and Thailand at Birdseye Kitchen. As well as healthy and great tasting Mexican inspired food at Haggos Organic Tacos.  

Here is a link to the Birdseye Kitchen menu and Phone number 760.479.0488.

Birdseye Kitchen

On the day I took these photos I had a quick chat with Apple, a long time employee of Birdseye. She remarked on the significant drop in business and how she is always looking for things to do to be as productive as she can be with her time. 

Birdseye Kitchen

Haggos Organic Tacos

social distancing encinitas

Anais is always a little ball of sunshine at the taco shop. Matt unfortunately isn’t working temporarily but hope to see you soon!

link to Haggos website

phone number 760.753.6000

My recommendations would be the beef or fish tacos. The “Kip” and “Uncle Reco” quesadilla is muy bueno. They also have some really amazing vegan options! Don’t forget about the “Ron Burgundy Burrito”! 

Full impact Covid Encinitas

This is a widespread issue and if you are fortunate enough to not have your health impacted odds are financially you will be. How long is this going to last? I don’t think anyone can say for sure but I don’t think an end to this can be soon enough. These are four examples of business adapting and overcoming but the facts are: people are being laid off and businesses will be forced to close because of this. Supporting local businesses is important. Supporting your friends and people you appreciate is important too. The question I’m asking myself and any one who reads this is: How do we support those in need, those who were laid off and those who lost their business? I think on the other side of this we have the unique opportunity to grow stronger as a community if we find answers to those questions..

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I want to know what you have to say! If you have ways to help I’ll share them. Lets connect socially while practicing physical distancing! Leave a public comment below or click here to go to my contact page where you can send a direct email. 

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Love this! Nice work highlighting local business during this time. I’ve been using “physical spacing”, we can still be social and safe.

Exactly, I hope that support for one another will be infectious.. thanks for reading my blog Sam!

Rob! I love this. The photos are so incredible and do a great job of illustrating the story. Looking forward to reading more of your writing!

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