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Del Mar Pump Track

Del Mar Pump Track

The Pacific Highlands Ranch Pump Track. Located in Del Mar, San Diego.

Skating the Del Mar Pump Track

The Pacific Highlands Ranch Pump Track, was originally built to be San Diego’s first all bike pump track. While bikes are allowed on the pump track, I think it is primarily being used by skaters and scooter(ers). I spend a lot of time on my mountain bike and have ridden my dirt jumper at the pump track on a few occasions. I have to say though, I think I have more fun skating it..

Lindsay Jacobellis
Lindsay Jacobellis

Pump track experience

Times that I have been there the crowd varies from extremely crowded, to not very crowded. Also, from experienced skaters and biker to very inexperienced. 

Things to remember

If you are on the experienced with skate parks and pump tracks. As in you have been to skate parks before and are above average at: skating biking, etc. Try to do 2 things:

  1. Be patient. The pump track does have a lot of beginners that may not possess the skills and understanding you have.
  2. Teach people around you. The only way people that are more unfamiliar with the skate park setting are going to learn is if someone helps them. Helping people out in this regard will ultimately just make this place better for everyone!

If you are less experienced with skate parks and pump tracks, try to do these two things: 

  1. See the flow of traffic and try to not negatively impact that. If you are there with you kids. People will make time to have them on the pump track but, monitor them. Make sure they are going the right direction and not stopping in dangerous places.
  2. Say hi! I have seen some interesting characters at the pump track. In my experience though most have been friendly. Saying hi can break the ice a bit and will improve your pump track experience. 
Lindsay Jacobellis

Have fun

Whether you’re on your skateboard or bike the opportunity to have a good time has been provided by Del Mar. This is a fun little community pump track 

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